PreRelease Weekend Hour of Devastation

July 8, 2017 – July 9, 2017 all day
The Adventurers Guild
15211 Stony Plain Rd NW
Edmonton, AB T5P 3Y4

Saturday : Doors reopen at 9AM after the midnight sealed
Midnight sealed
10AM Sealed
5PM Two Headed Giant

Sunday : Doors open at 10AM
11AM Two Headed Giant
5PM Sealed


$35 entry per event
Each player will get 1 pre-release kit containing 2 Amonkhet booster packs, 4 Hour of Devastation booster packs, a spin-down dice and a foil promo of one rare or mythic from the set.
With entry into the event you will receive free bottle of water.
4 round cap on all events.
All prizing will be Amonkhet, but we ask for you to pick up on launch day, April 28th, if possible.
Door prizes will be drawn in round 3 of all events.
Subs from Subway will be provided during our midnight event.

Sealed event prizing
4-0: 18 packs
3-1: 9 packs
2-2: 4 packs
1-3: 2 packs
0-4: 1 pack

Two Headed Team prizing
4-0: 36 packs (1 box)
3-1: 18 packs
2-2: 8 packs
1-3: 4 packs
0-4: 2 packs